Help for students in programming

on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Programming Help

We offer you help with tests and lab work on various topics/sections:

  • Programming Technologies
  • Basics of Algorithmization and Programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Development of databases, DBMS
  • Web programming
  • MS Office products
  • Software products for mathematical and engineering calculations


Main programming languages used at work:

  • Basic, Visual Basic, VBA
  • Pascal
  • Delphi
  • C, C++, C#
  • Java

Other programming languages and development environments

How much does it cost to order a programming test?

The price depends on the complexity and urgency of the work, as well as additional requirements: detailed description, availability of flowcharts, reports, etc. When ordering a job, specify as many details as possible, provide reference books or other additional materials (if available), and we will complete it as efficiently as possible.

The variants of work design

You send tasks, tutorials and other materials to the teacher. As a result, you can choose which option is more suitable for you:

Variant 1. You are emailed the completed work without comments and descriptions of how to solve the problems.

Option 2. The teacher will attach a report to the completed work - a detailed explanation of solving all the problems, everything will be laid out step by step and point by point.

Option 3. In addition to the work and report you can get a personal 90-minute consultation with the teacher on site. This option eliminates the likelihood of any misunderstanding of the work, you'll be 100% confident in your work and your knowledge. Prices for a consultation with a teacher can be found here.

To order programming help visit

If you need to order solution of programming tasks, our specialized resource will help you promptly. We have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals who can do the job of any complexity. Before hiring a specialist to our team, we conduct a rigorous selection process. Therefore, we employ only the best representatives of this profession. They not only provide a quality solution, but also describe each point in detail, so that you understand. Turning to us, you can save time for more interesting things than solving programming problems. Here you can count on a quality and fast execution of your order at an affordable price.


Test and laboratory programming works

Programming became a part of our life, and now students of many specialties are studying it, not only as a basic, but also as an additional subject at universities and colleges. All students find that one programming language is easy, and another - cause difficulties. Sometimes a student gets "stuck" on a topic or a particular method, and it's already time to pass a computer science test. Often there are cases when a programming test or lab work is needed urgently, tomorrow or yesterday.

Don't worry - on Tutor at Home you can order programming labs, programming tests, as well as solving individual problems, answering test questions, writing reports and creating databases.

Your work will be performed by a qualified teacher-programmer with extensive experience in solving programming problems for students and their correct execution.

Order work is easy! Fill in the order form, write your contact information and specify everything you want the designer to know about the work: the task, methodological recommendations, requirements for registration, etc. Or, just write down the topic for which you want to perform a test, and send the details to your teacher. Manager will contact you, specify the details of the order and report the cost of the work.